Today, with high competition waged in virtually all online niches, any business stands to win big from leveraging some of the major martech solutions. And these don’t have to be highly expensive or exotic SaaS offerings. At the end of the day, it all comes to basics. 

Basics are the new black

First, double down on content generation. To glean insights on how to create some good content, use SEO-first martechs, like Moz.

Second, deliver the content to people who care. Use social-media solutions to narrow down your target audiences and strike up conversations on the latest developments in your specific niche. 

Third, don’t lose track of the customers you’ve already wooed. Getting a new guy into your sales funnel is 7 times more expensive than doing a repeat sale on the customer you already have. MailChimp makes it easy to talk to your customer base!

Of course, there are virtually endless opportunities to create, optimize and iterate on all facets of today’s sales funnels, but not all of those “edgy” activities will always guarantee strong ROI. The salt-of-earth campaigns in these martech niches are a sure thing.